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Keynote Speaker at BOAT Superyacht Design Festival, Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy


Cynthia is a skilled and experienced educator & speaker for art and design, storytelling, creativity, and entertainment,

and is pleased to offer:

  • In-person or online speaking engagements and Interviews

  • Custom presentations or workshops and consultations for:

  • Schools, companies/organizations, and private events

  • For information on classes & workshops, & Testimonials, see section below



Thank you for your inquiry!

Art Center College of Design

Superyacht Design Festival

        & BOAT International Magazine

School of Visual Arts (SVA)

Beaux-Arts & Entertainment

Fanshaw College

Husson University

(HU Graphics &Visual Design

Advisory Board Member)

CSU Northridge

Lightbox Expo

New West Charter School

Cuesta Community College

- Pasadena, CA

- Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy

- London

- New York

- Paris

- Toronto
- Bangor, ME


- Northridge, CA
- Pasadena, CA
- Los Angeles, CA
- San Luis Obispo, CA


The list below is of all classes past and present.
For currently offered courses, more info, and sign-ups, please visit:
For current events & Announcments, follow on IG: 

Cinematic Perspective Drawing for Visual Storytellers:

Through engaging examples from all areas of entertainment (including storyboarding, film, background design, comics, theme park design, and urban sketching), students learn the shortcuts to using perspective as a visual storytelling tool. They gain a broad understanding of the basics, how to use camera positioning and lens choices, and also how to imply perspective through common principles like like eye paths, scale, graphic simplification, and atmosphere.

Drawing for Film & Television (Designing for Entertainment): 

This class guides students through current entertainment design theories and practices to create well-thought-out set designs, compositions, and environments that answer narrative needs - teaching them how to become powerful designers and storytellers for the entertainment industry.

Style for Entertainment:

A deep dive into what makes Style in entertainment (animation and games) so important, and how we can leverage its power as visual storytellers to reinforce the all important narrative, as well as engage our target audiences.


In-Person Outdoor Sketching at the LA Arboretum!
Learn to sketch with style and confidence as Cynthia shares her personal approach to Drawing on Location, giving students the tools they need to create stylish and well-constructed drawings that showcase their personal voice.


 "Having taught at Art Center for over 34 years Cynthia remains among my most favored speakers... [She] excels at communicating and presenting her material enthusiastically and effectively, [and is] a reliable and confident speaker

to my students."

- Jim Heiman,  Executive Editor for TASCHEN America,

  Professor at Art Center College of Design, Designer, Illustrator, Author

"Cynthia has great technical knowledge, and contagious passion. She re-engaged me with my own creative side, is a pleasure to listen to and is very motivating to learn from. "

- Art Director at Undisclosed Studio,

  Student at Drawing America

"...She makes her subject accessible and engaging for the audience, and her passion for her art comes through in every sentence... The depth of her experience is undeniable and her ability to apply her knowledge to other disciplines

is fascinating to listen to.”

- John Leonida,  Consulting Superyacht Industry Advisor

   ex Partner Clyde & Co LLP

"Cynthia Halley has all the qualities of a fine teacher and artist. She has formidable skill and professional experience working at many major studios, and possesses the ability to patiently break down and clearly explain complex concepts and ideas to those who are new to the field."

- Will Weston, Head of Entertainment Studies at Drawing America,

   Previously Professor at Art Center College of Design  &

   Head of ACCD's Entertainment Arts Track

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